America is Back in Style

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To the pro-Trump and GOP posters here

You are in the majority now so it is time for you to change and update your mind program.   The liberals lost.   So you can also post your threads here instead of that other obsolete and infected USA Politics blog!   WAKE UP!!!

Trump: No Salary for Me as President

Billionaire U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Thursday he does not want the $400,000 annual salary that comes with the White House job and would turn it down if elected.   Trump, the front-runner for the Republican nomination...

Trump Hotels See Surge In Bookings After Trump Victory

  Bookings at Trump hotels in Washington, DC, and New York — which plunged during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — have spiked since his victory.   The Trump International Hotel Washington, DC, just blocks from the White House, has...

Trump Prepares for Power now

..and puts Pence in charge of helping him select his Executive Team... Ben Carson (a Black Man) will be a great choice to help him replace Obamacare. :)

Final 2016 Presidential Election Results

Looks like the final count will be 306 for PresidentTrump and Hillary winning the POPULAR vote by about 300,000. With only about 53% of eligible USA voters bothering to cast a ballot.   That is only a 47.7% to 47.4% difference which really means...

The God-factor

Franklin Graham: Media Didn't Understand 'God-Factor' in Election Outcome   Evangelist Franklin Graham is saying this week that as pundits and election analysts attempt to figure out how they made such inaccurate predictions, they failed to...

Even Europe's Socialist Decay will benefit from Trump

European Populist Candidates to Benefit from ‘Trump Effect’   The next two major European elections in Austria and France may see victories for populist, nationalist candidates thanks to the historic U.S. presidential victory of Donald Trump. ...

Trump TV

Trump TV is really needed now to bring a voice of sanity to prime time TV and to help us fight against the Clinton News Network et al and even Fox News.